Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Day of School!

WOW. Every day, month and year flies by when you have kids. Or maybe it is just part of getting older. But this year seems to be on fast forward. It really seems like yesterday that Crockett was walking into St. Luke's for his first day of school. I thought he seemed so big then... Now he really seems like a big boy! I love it because I can see how much he has learned and how much he LOVES learning. He made lots of friends and kind of became his own person. This was such a wonderful way to start Crockett's "school years". He really looked forward to school and will be excited to go back next year. He is ready to be in Braidy's class :) (He is going to be kind of sad when he realizes that Braidy isn't in that class anymore.) We are very blessed to be a part of a school that LOVES the children and instills in them a LOVE for Jesus and the Bible everyday. Can't wait for next year, but until then... HOORAY FOR SUMMER!!!
 1st Day of School
 Last Day of School

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