Monday, March 26, 2012


It is so hard for me to believe that THREE years have passed since my sweet little boy, Crockett Christopher, came into our lives. You have become such a fun, energetic, talkative, smart, loving, ornery little boy. You do someting that makes me laugh or just stare at you in amazement every single day. I wish I had a video camera on you constantly so I could capture and remember every moment.

* You weigh 32 lbs (60%) and are 38 in. (75%)

* When we ask if you know how much we love you, you will say "BIG MUCH!" That is how you tall us you love us too "I love you BIG MUCH!"... it's so sweet!

* You talk very well, but you have a few speech issues. Instead of the 's' sound, you use the 'f' sound. So a 'school bus' is a 'fool bus' and you want a donut with chocolate 'finkles'. Quinny is Finny, sandwich is fanwich, sandbox is fandbox... I think you will grow out of it, but it is kind of cute for now :)

* You love watching Dora and Diego (who have taught you to count in Spanish!), Dino Dan, Unizoomi, WonderPets, Mickey, Einsteins, Octonauts and all kinds of movies

* You are wearing 3T clothes, but pants are still a little big in the waist if they don't adjust. You are wearing size 8, almost a 9 shoes.

* You are still the PICKIEST eater. You have branched out a wee-little bit... weenies, Lunchable ham and turkey, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, yogurt, ags and fanfakes (eggs and pancakes), cereal, waffles, chocolate sandwiches (nutella :), peanut butter and honey sandwiches, pizza, fruit cups, grapes, apples... that is just about it... pretty limited selection.

* You are going to Church on the Rock KDO and LOVE it! You went to First Baptist Church CDO in Midland until January. You really just love school and learning and getting to play with your friends.

* You play with Braidy just about every single day. You boys are so much fun to watch and get along so well. I love that you are best buds.

* You love to sing these days. You sing the ABC song, Wonder Pets song, Twinkle, Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, Row Row Row Your Boat.

* You have such a fun imagination. We are always running or hiding or finding the monsters or dragons.

* Your favorite toys are still your BULL-DESSERTS (bulldozers) and tractors. You tell just about anyone we come across that "My daddy works on a bull-dessert"... You also know each and every kind of truck (backhoe, excavator, front-end loader, etc.)You also love your tools and wear them in your pockets just like Daddy. You love your bike and sandbox a lot too.

* You are going to be a BIG BROTHER in June. You still think you have a "baby sisser" in your tummy. Baby Bowen will think you are the COOLEST brother ever!

* You still don't sleep through the night... We usually start out in your bed and you move to ours at about 2 or 3. I really love to cuddle with you, though, so I guess this is ok :)

Crockett, Daddy and I love you SO SO SO much! We are so lucky God made us your parents. You brighten even the darkest day and make us smile and laugh daily with your sweet spirit. You are such a blessing and we cherish each and every moment with you. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary!

On March 24, 2007, Chris and I said "I DO" in front of our friends and family. It is so hard to believe that 5 years, 5 wonderful years, have passed since then. We have gone through some great and not so great times, a couple moves, the loss of some very special people, we have a beautiful 3 year old son and another one on the way... So much has happened in these 5 years. We have grown stronger and learned from one another. We have become the kind of family that we both wanted to have. The past 5 years have been the best years of my life and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Happy 5th Anniversary to the best man I know.


This 3rd birthday seems to be going on forever.... but we had to have ONE MORE PARTY with our family in Lubbock! We decided to wait until Friday so that Chris would be with us. We brought the sandbox back from Holliday, so the boys played in there ALL afternoon. It was such a beautiful day! The Curry's and Lulu and Papaw came over and we ordered pizza from Orlando's (YUMMY!), ate a BULLDOZER cookie cake (SUPER YUMMY!) and opened some more presents. We all had lots of fun! These boys never seem to run out of energy when they are together! Crockett is so lucky to have such a great family here! We all love being able to get together and celebrate these special occasions! Thanks for making this 3 year old feel SO loved !

Happy Birthday, Crockett. I hope that you have had a fun time celebrating YOU! You are such a fun, wild, crazy, dirty boy... and I love every minute I am with you. Happy 3rd Birthday!

The REAL Birthday!

For Crockett's REAL birthday, we started the celebration bright and early with birthday donuts! These boys are some donut and kolache eating machines! We sang 'Happy Bur-pay' and Crockett blew out the candles several times. Braidy got a little practice too :)

After playing a little while, we loaded everyone up and headed to Blue Sky and the BIG sandbox! It is one of our favorite places to go and play, but it was a little too cold today. So disappointing! They played for a few minutes anyways, Crockett smashed his finger in the door and none of the boys wanted to eat what we got them. So Blue Sky was a minor bust, but we had something else up our sleeve for the afternoon....

Chuck E Cheese!!!! There was no one else there and we had a BLAST! The boys played tons of games and played in the playground. Quin even got to ride a few of the rides. Braidy and Crockett had so much fun just running from game to game and we finally had to leave because Mon and I were SO TIRED! The boys had won enough tickets to each get a couple prizes, which they thought was SO COOL! Chuck E Cheese was a great way to end the afternoon!

About 30 minutes after we got home, daddy got home from Odessa! We are always so glad to see him! We had planned to have a fun dinner and go toy shopping, but when we went to find Crockett, we found one EXHAUSTED 3 year old! What a fun birthday :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's PARTY Time!!!

Last weekend we traveled to Holliday for Crockett's 3rd birthday party with the Stone family. It is hard to believe that my baby boy is about to turn 3! We have been talking about it for a while and he will tell pretty much anyone "It's almost my bur-pay!" usually while jumping up and down. SO cute! We left for Holliday on Friday morning and Crockett wanted to ride in daddy's pick-up. We had to take 2 cars so that we could bring back all of our BABY STUFF for Baby Stone :) I drove behind them and it warmed my heart to see them up there together. Chris said they sang the ABC's several times and talked about the cows and bulldozers... No movies needed in Daddy's pick-up! Once we arrived in Holliday, Chris and Crockett ran a couple of errands and went to check the cows and then we went to Mummer's house. She was SO happy to see Crockett and Crockett was very excited to see her! After dinner, Rich was at his Grammy and Pa's house, so we went to play for a while. We finally got to meet Miss Bella Maree, Rich's baby sister!! She was precious and so sweet in her ruffles :) The boys had a GREAT time playing on Rich's tractor, playing baseball, running around being wild little boys! We played until it was almost dark time to go home and rest for the big party!

On Saturday, everyone came to Mummer's house at about 11:30. We had yummy Branding Iron BBQ and an AWESOME bulldozer birthday cake! The kids all went straight to the sandbox... Marla, Kyle, Kylee and Dylan got Crockett lots of sandbox toys, which provided LOADS of entertainment :) After everyone ate, the kids played some more until it was time to blow out the candles! This is Crockett's favorite part of singing "Happy Birthday" and we have been practicing A LOT! Crockett opened presents next and got some great toys! Many of them went immediately outside and into the sandbox. We just invited family, but there were 7 kids and I have NEVER seen kids play SO hard. They played hide and go seek, tag, hopscotch... By the time everyone left, at about 3:30, they were all EXHAUSTED! We tried to get Crockett to take a nap that afternoon, but he was just to wired from all the excitment!

Later Saturday evening, Brenda and Rich were about to go meet Pa to ride a BULLDOZER... we could NOT miss that! That is what we have been talking about CONSTANTLY since we left the last time!!! When Crockett saw it pull up the drive, he started jumping up and down... talk about EXCITED! Greg, Brenda, Rich and Crockett all took a long ride on the Bulldozer... seriously, this made Crockett's birthday! When they all got out, he wanted Daddy to take him for a ride. So, they went for another ride. This boy LOVES tractors!!! Crockett had such a FUN day and was WORN OUT by bed time.

After a quick trip to the Parish to see Hotshot, it was time for all of us to head home. We got all of our baby stuff out of storage and had a VERY FUN 3rd birthday party... I would say our trip was a HUGE success! We are SO lucky to have such a wonderful, loving family in Holliday. It is always hard to leave so many people we love. Thank you ALL for helping make my sweet little boy's 3rd birthday SO incredibly special. We love each of you so very much!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Crockett Christopher!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Muddy Buddies

Since this week is Spring Break, we have been trying to come up with FUN things to for the boys to do. On Monday, we went to lunch with Lulu and then took the big boys to see "The Lorax." Such a cute movie!! Quinny got to go play with Lulu and Papaw all by himself! On Tuesday, Crockett and I did a bit of birthday shoppping and then we met John, Braidy and Quin at the park. What beautiful weather we have had this week! Crockett and I even went for a walk around the neighborhood, which was a great way to end the day! Today is Wednesday and we didn't have much planned. John already had plans and the boys played at Mon's house for a while, but we needed something else to do... so what better than play in the mud?!?! We went to our house and turned on the water outside and let it run! The boys were throwing mud, falling in the mud, digging up mud with the bulldozers and having a GRAND OL' TIME :) They were definitely in their element and FILTHY!!!

After getting SUPER dirty and then very clean, we were in the middle of getting dressed when the guy who is going to mow my yard stopped by. I told a naked Crockett to go put on his undies and took the guy around to the back yard. When we were walking back to the front (after being back there less than 5 minutes) I see a very naked Braidy and Crockett running down the driveway looking for me. I just about died! Little streakers! Luckily, I didn't see any of our neighbors out at the time... they might really worry about us :)

It was a fun day and has been a really great Spring Break :)