Wednesday, March 14, 2012

LuLu Turns 60!!!

Although us girls celebrated my mom's 60th birthday a bit prematurely, her hubby had a little something different in mind! Les planned a SURPRISE party for her!! It was so much fun and awful at the same time... have you ever kept a BIG secret from one of the people you tell EVERYTHING too?!?! Les invited her nearest and dearest friends and family to share in the celebration, which also meant that Rach flew in and her brother, Tim (Darla and Meredith, too) were here. Lots of hard work and planning went into this party and Les did a fantastic job! Mon and I were so happy to help and be a small part of her big birthday!

The day of, I picked Rach up from the airport at 9:00 a.m. We hung out for a while and she got to spend a little time with her nephews. After lunch, I had made plans with Mom to go look at baby bedding, or really, to get her out of the house so Les could ice down drinks and take care of a few odds and ends that she MIGHT have picked up on. I know at one point during our outing, I mentioned RACH being at Monica's house... pretty much thought I gave it away. Chris also thought she probably had an idea something was going on.

About 6:15 p.m. Les returned to their house to get his coat before they went to eat at Cafe J... 'It was really cold outside' or so he said...
SURPRISE!!!!! She was SO surprised... definitely did NOT know what had been going on around her! She almost walked past Rach (she had asked Rach to come in this same weekend several times, not knowing Rach was already planning on it!) and was SO shocked, surprised, teary-eyed when she finally saw her :) She was also thrilled to see her brother and his family, all the way from Oklahoma. She was really just so touched by the thoughtfulness of her husband and all those who came together to celebrate such a special birthday!

There was lots of food, really yummy cake and people we have been around our entire lives. I would say it was a HUGE success!

Happy Birthday to my sweet momma! Hope your 60th was a VERY, VERY SPECIAL one that you will always remember. You are the best and we love you so much!

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The Curry's said...

Great pictures except I look about 6 months pregnant in one of those! SICK! Think I'll go run now.