Saturday, March 24, 2012

The REAL Birthday!

For Crockett's REAL birthday, we started the celebration bright and early with birthday donuts! These boys are some donut and kolache eating machines! We sang 'Happy Bur-pay' and Crockett blew out the candles several times. Braidy got a little practice too :)

After playing a little while, we loaded everyone up and headed to Blue Sky and the BIG sandbox! It is one of our favorite places to go and play, but it was a little too cold today. So disappointing! They played for a few minutes anyways, Crockett smashed his finger in the door and none of the boys wanted to eat what we got them. So Blue Sky was a minor bust, but we had something else up our sleeve for the afternoon....

Chuck E Cheese!!!! There was no one else there and we had a BLAST! The boys played tons of games and played in the playground. Quin even got to ride a few of the rides. Braidy and Crockett had so much fun just running from game to game and we finally had to leave because Mon and I were SO TIRED! The boys had won enough tickets to each get a couple prizes, which they thought was SO COOL! Chuck E Cheese was a great way to end the afternoon!

About 30 minutes after we got home, daddy got home from Odessa! We are always so glad to see him! We had planned to have a fun dinner and go toy shopping, but when we went to find Crockett, we found one EXHAUSTED 3 year old! What a fun birthday :)

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