Monday, March 26, 2012


It is so hard for me to believe that THREE years have passed since my sweet little boy, Crockett Christopher, came into our lives. You have become such a fun, energetic, talkative, smart, loving, ornery little boy. You do someting that makes me laugh or just stare at you in amazement every single day. I wish I had a video camera on you constantly so I could capture and remember every moment.

* You weigh 32 lbs (60%) and are 38 in. (75%)

* When we ask if you know how much we love you, you will say "BIG MUCH!" That is how you tall us you love us too "I love you BIG MUCH!"... it's so sweet!

* You talk very well, but you have a few speech issues. Instead of the 's' sound, you use the 'f' sound. So a 'school bus' is a 'fool bus' and you want a donut with chocolate 'finkles'. Quinny is Finny, sandwich is fanwich, sandbox is fandbox... I think you will grow out of it, but it is kind of cute for now :)

* You love watching Dora and Diego (who have taught you to count in Spanish!), Dino Dan, Unizoomi, WonderPets, Mickey, Einsteins, Octonauts and all kinds of movies

* You are wearing 3T clothes, but pants are still a little big in the waist if they don't adjust. You are wearing size 8, almost a 9 shoes.

* You are still the PICKIEST eater. You have branched out a wee-little bit... weenies, Lunchable ham and turkey, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, yogurt, ags and fanfakes (eggs and pancakes), cereal, waffles, chocolate sandwiches (nutella :), peanut butter and honey sandwiches, pizza, fruit cups, grapes, apples... that is just about it... pretty limited selection.

* You are going to Church on the Rock KDO and LOVE it! You went to First Baptist Church CDO in Midland until January. You really just love school and learning and getting to play with your friends.

* You play with Braidy just about every single day. You boys are so much fun to watch and get along so well. I love that you are best buds.

* You love to sing these days. You sing the ABC song, Wonder Pets song, Twinkle, Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, Row Row Row Your Boat.

* You have such a fun imagination. We are always running or hiding or finding the monsters or dragons.

* Your favorite toys are still your BULL-DESSERTS (bulldozers) and tractors. You tell just about anyone we come across that "My daddy works on a bull-dessert"... You also know each and every kind of truck (backhoe, excavator, front-end loader, etc.)You also love your tools and wear them in your pockets just like Daddy. You love your bike and sandbox a lot too.

* You are going to be a BIG BROTHER in June. You still think you have a "baby sisser" in your tummy. Baby Bowen will think you are the COOLEST brother ever!

* You still don't sleep through the night... We usually start out in your bed and you move to ours at about 2 or 3. I really love to cuddle with you, though, so I guess this is ok :)

Crockett, Daddy and I love you SO SO SO much! We are so lucky God made us your parents. You brighten even the darkest day and make us smile and laugh daily with your sweet spirit. You are such a blessing and we cherish each and every moment with you. Happy 3rd Birthday!

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