Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year @ Poppa's!

Last weekend we drove to San Antonio to celebrate our 4th and FINAL Christmas for 2010!! Since it was New Year's Eve when we arrived we got to celebrate New Year's with Poppa and JJ, too! Although it is quite a LONG drive, it is always well worth it and we all have such a great time! Plus, now that we have a dvd player for Crockett in the car... it was SO MUCH EASIER! (Can't remember why we didn't get one 2 years ago!!) When we arrived on Friday the Curry's and Aunt Susan were already there, so Crockett was busy with Braidy as soon as we got out of the car! They had such a BLAST running around outside, going up and down (and up and down!) the stairs, looking for the kitty cat, playing by the pool, just being busy little boys! Chris and I got to catch up with everyone and relax a bit before dinner. We always eat wwwwwaaaayyyy too much while we are there, and this weekend was definately no exception! After dinner, we decided to give Poppa and JJ their big Christmas gift. We gave them a big patio heater, which they LOVED! It was perfect weather outside to use it, too!

On Saturday, we had a huge breakfast and then opened (more) presents! The boys were so excited to see their awesome rocking chairs and Mickey Mouse song books... they got lots of great stuff! Puzzles, tee-ball stand, and LOTS of things little boys love! Us grown ups got some great stuff too! We were so thankful for all the gifts, tangible and intangible, that we got from Poppa and JJ and Aunt Susan. It was such a great day, the guys got to watch TONS of football (Can they ever see TOO much football??), Monica and I got to go shop for a bit (Ann Taylor had 50% OFF your ENTIRE purchase!! How could we pass that up!?!), Braidy and Crockett helped Poppa and JJ put out corn for the deer, move some rocks and basically get a little extra excersize :) It was a great day and we really enjoyed spending time with so many people we love! We had a delicious dinner, which included some black eyed peas, as it was NEW YEAR'S DAY! After dinner, Poppa shot some AWESOME fireworks, I was quite impressed, Crockett was not... and he lit the firepit for some marshmallow roasting! It was tons of fun and we LOVE LOVE LOVE roasting marshmallows!!

After a good night's sleep, it was time to eat some breakfast (a HUGE breakfast, actually :) and hit the road! We always have so much fun with Poppa and JJ. It was a great ending for the 2010 Christmas season! We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives. It is a great time of the year to reflect on the many blessings the LORD has given us. We are so thankful for each and everyone who is in our lives and has helped make 2010 such a special year!