Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crockett's 1st Day of Preschool

Can't belive my sweet BIG boy is starting preschool this year! He is just growing so quickly. He is SO excited about his new school (Fool, as he says) and just LOVED his teacher, Mrs. Ford, when he met her at their tea. She told me that Crockett told her she was his best friend before he left that day :) I know he is going to have such an AWESOME year and learn so many new things and make some great new friends.
We even came across a couple of very familiar faces on our way into school! Love these boys SO very much!

Daddy's Birthday!

Crockett is very into "Birthdays" these days. We will sit in the car and I have to name each persons birthday, in order. So, for the last few months we have been counting down the months and weeks and days to Daddy's birthday! In preparation, Crockett and I talked about what kind of cake to get... He wanted an ice cream cake with Cars on top, like the ones Braidy got :) And what to get daddy. Good thing I didn't care about keeping any of it a secret, because Crockett would tell Chris what we talked about each day! I don't keep secrets well either, so he comes by it honestly! Ha! I finally figured out what to get Chris, and with a little help from LuLu and Papaw, we got it all taken care of while Chris was in Holliday. On the morning of September 3, Crockett woke up and immediately ran to tell daddy his present was in the back of mommy's car. He couldn't wait another minute to help open the gift. Chris was very excited to find a "wagon" for his bike. Crockett might have been more excited :) They put it together and were off for a ride!! It has been so much fun and will be even MORE fun when both of the boys can ride! Chris and I ended his birthday with dinner (by ourselves!) at Blue Mesa. It was so yummy and such a nice evening, just the two of us!
On the day after his birthday, we celebrated with LuLu, Papaw, Mon, Braidy and Quinny. We had lasagna, salad and bread and an ice cream cake, just as Crockett requested! It was so much fun and made for a super special birthday for Chris!
Happy 32nd Birthday, Chris! We have celebrated so many birthdays together, and they just keep getting better. I love you. Here's to many, many more!