Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Valentines

I was extra lucky this Valentine's Day and got to spend the day with two of the people I love most in this world! My baby sister, Rachel, came to visit for the weekend. We spent the day shopping, while Chris worked. Then that night, Rachy and I made a grasshopper pie (think Thin Mints) and Oreo balls and Chris grilled steaks, corn, jalapeno poppers... We ate a lot of very YUMMY food! We all had a great time talking, reminiscing and catching up with each other. Chris and I had already decided not to do anything for one another except cards, and we had a couple for Rach too. My husband is so wonderful. I am very, very thankful God put him in my life everyday, but I felt especially lucky on Valentine's Day. We ended up going to bed AFTER midnight, which is way past my bedtime.... We were just having too much fun :) Which is never a bad thing!

On Sunday, February 15, I was 34 weeks pregnant. I haven't taken many belly shots, but Lulu requested one, so here it is! I am finally at that stage where I am very uncomforable and extremely anxious. Crockett's arrival is so close, but still seems so far away. At the Dr. appointment on Monday, his heartrate was 150 and everything else was looking very good. We go back in two weeks... I am no longer able to wear my wedding ring on my ring finger and have started wearing on my pinkie instead. His nursery is almost complete and I keep meaning to take pictures and post them, but his rocker is not done yet... I think that is the reason for my procrastination! We are really excited because Crockett and I have our 1st baby shower this weekend in Holliday! I am excited to see so many friends and celebrate the occasion! I have several other friends who are due all within two weeks of me (Brandi Luig - 3/16 and Celeste Locknane 4/3) so this may be our last time together without all the babies! We may need to take one more belly shot together! It is all so exciting! Chris and I are also attending childbirth classes and we have our 3rd one on Thursday. I can already tell he is going to be a great coach... he keeps asking me if he needs to bring a whistle :) I think he is pretty excited about all that is going on too! (How could he not be!?!?)