Saturday, October 15, 2011

T-Pa's 90th Birthday!!

Last weekend, Monica, Ryan, Braidy, Quin, Crockett and I got up bright and early on Saturday morning and drove to Temple, Texas. It was such a quick trip, but such a special celebration. T-Pa, my dad's dad, was turning 90!
The drive was fairly uneventful. We drove through more rain than any of us had seen in a year... it was nice, but would have been nicer if we weren't driving in it! Ryan did much better driving in the rain than I would have! The boys watched lots of movies to help pass the time. Quin was the best baby ever and didn't hardly cry at all! Ryan was SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED about eating at Underwood's in Brownwood! He must have talked about it most of the way there! He was a happy man :) We listened to the Red River Shootout. All in all, it was a really nice drive. We were SO happy to finally get there though!
Once we all got cleaned up, and dressed in our Tech gear :), we headed over to the party. T-Pa, D-Ma, Poppa, JJ, RiRi, Uncle Mike, Matthew and Aunt Susan were all waiting for us. Aunt Anne and Harris got there shortly after we did. It was a pretty good group, but we sure did miss those who couldn't be there!!
As soon as we got there, the boys found a hole with dirt in it and played there most of the evening! Crockett managed to get pretty dirty, Braidy found a roly poly, and then lost it, and we spent the rest of the evening looking for the "roly bug". D-Ma had a basket full of toys and two flashlights, which kept the boys occupied the rest of the night. They also had a great time with T-Pa's walker :) Fun times!! We ate a dinner of yummy lasagna, salad and bread while we all watched the TECH vs tamu game (GO RAIDERS!!!). And then T-Pa's DELICIOUS chocolate cake! It was soooo good.... the little boys went back for seconds! (And were bouncing OFF THE WALLS :) After T-Pa opened all of his cards and gifts, he was exhausted from all of the excitement. It had been a great party! After D-Ma got T-Pa in bed, Crockett went and told him nite-nite and gave him sweet kisses on his hand. It was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes <3
When we got back to the hotel, Crockett and Braidy came into our room to jump on the beds and wear off some of that chocolate! They sure were being funny and having TONS OF FUN! I bet our neighbors didn't like us too much. We got up early the next morning and drove back home... it seemed like a much longer drive home. We were all so happy to get out of the car when we got home!
T-Pa has always been such a great grandpa and great-grandpa. He has been to so many graduations, games, recitals, birthday parties... So it was so wonderful that we were all able to get together to celebrate him!