Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Muddy Buddies

Since this week is Spring Break, we have been trying to come up with FUN things to for the boys to do. On Monday, we went to lunch with Lulu and then took the big boys to see "The Lorax." Such a cute movie!! Quinny got to go play with Lulu and Papaw all by himself! On Tuesday, Crockett and I did a bit of birthday shoppping and then we met John, Braidy and Quin at the park. What beautiful weather we have had this week! Crockett and I even went for a walk around the neighborhood, which was a great way to end the day! Today is Wednesday and we didn't have much planned. John already had plans and the boys played at Mon's house for a while, but we needed something else to do... so what better than play in the mud?!?! We went to our house and turned on the water outside and let it run! The boys were throwing mud, falling in the mud, digging up mud with the bulldozers and having a GRAND OL' TIME :) They were definitely in their element and FILTHY!!!

After getting SUPER dirty and then very clean, we were in the middle of getting dressed when the guy who is going to mow my yard stopped by. I told a naked Crockett to go put on his undies and took the guy around to the back yard. When we were walking back to the front (after being back there less than 5 minutes) I see a very naked Braidy and Crockett running down the driveway looking for me. I just about died! Little streakers! Luckily, I didn't see any of our neighbors out at the time... they might really worry about us :)

It was a fun day and has been a really great Spring Break :)

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