Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's PARTY Time!!!

Last weekend we traveled to Holliday for Crockett's 3rd birthday party with the Stone family. It is hard to believe that my baby boy is about to turn 3! We have been talking about it for a while and he will tell pretty much anyone "It's almost my bur-pay!" usually while jumping up and down. SO cute! We left for Holliday on Friday morning and Crockett wanted to ride in daddy's pick-up. We had to take 2 cars so that we could bring back all of our BABY STUFF for Baby Stone :) I drove behind them and it warmed my heart to see them up there together. Chris said they sang the ABC's several times and talked about the cows and bulldozers... No movies needed in Daddy's pick-up! Once we arrived in Holliday, Chris and Crockett ran a couple of errands and went to check the cows and then we went to Mummer's house. She was SO happy to see Crockett and Crockett was very excited to see her! After dinner, Rich was at his Grammy and Pa's house, so we went to play for a while. We finally got to meet Miss Bella Maree, Rich's baby sister!! She was precious and so sweet in her ruffles :) The boys had a GREAT time playing on Rich's tractor, playing baseball, running around being wild little boys! We played until it was almost dark time to go home and rest for the big party!

On Saturday, everyone came to Mummer's house at about 11:30. We had yummy Branding Iron BBQ and an AWESOME bulldozer birthday cake! The kids all went straight to the sandbox... Marla, Kyle, Kylee and Dylan got Crockett lots of sandbox toys, which provided LOADS of entertainment :) After everyone ate, the kids played some more until it was time to blow out the candles! This is Crockett's favorite part of singing "Happy Birthday" and we have been practicing A LOT! Crockett opened presents next and got some great toys! Many of them went immediately outside and into the sandbox. We just invited family, but there were 7 kids and I have NEVER seen kids play SO hard. They played hide and go seek, tag, hopscotch... By the time everyone left, at about 3:30, they were all EXHAUSTED! We tried to get Crockett to take a nap that afternoon, but he was just to wired from all the excitment!

Later Saturday evening, Brenda and Rich were about to go meet Pa to ride a BULLDOZER... we could NOT miss that! That is what we have been talking about CONSTANTLY since we left the last time!!! When Crockett saw it pull up the drive, he started jumping up and down... talk about EXCITED! Greg, Brenda, Rich and Crockett all took a long ride on the Bulldozer... seriously, this made Crockett's birthday! When they all got out, he wanted Daddy to take him for a ride. So, they went for another ride. This boy LOVES tractors!!! Crockett had such a FUN day and was WORN OUT by bed time.

After a quick trip to the Parish to see Hotshot, it was time for all of us to head home. We got all of our baby stuff out of storage and had a VERY FUN 3rd birthday party... I would say our trip was a HUGE success! We are SO lucky to have such a wonderful, loving family in Holliday. It is always hard to leave so many people we love. Thank you ALL for helping make my sweet little boy's 3rd birthday SO incredibly special. We love each of you so very much!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Crockett Christopher!!

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