Saturday, March 24, 2012


This 3rd birthday seems to be going on forever.... but we had to have ONE MORE PARTY with our family in Lubbock! We decided to wait until Friday so that Chris would be with us. We brought the sandbox back from Holliday, so the boys played in there ALL afternoon. It was such a beautiful day! The Curry's and Lulu and Papaw came over and we ordered pizza from Orlando's (YUMMY!), ate a BULLDOZER cookie cake (SUPER YUMMY!) and opened some more presents. We all had lots of fun! These boys never seem to run out of energy when they are together! Crockett is so lucky to have such a great family here! We all love being able to get together and celebrate these special occasions! Thanks for making this 3 year old feel SO loved !

Happy Birthday, Crockett. I hope that you have had a fun time celebrating YOU! You are such a fun, wild, crazy, dirty boy... and I love every minute I am with you. Happy 3rd Birthday!

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