Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Battle Wound

Last night, my sweet little boy was in the bathtub, where he LOVES to play for hours (if I let him) and he slipped and fell and busted his chinny-chin-chin. I had actually stepped out for a second (I know, bad mother of the year, and boy, did I feel terrible) and he started screaming and blood was running down his neck. I managed to get him out of the tub and get it to stop bleeding so I could actually see it. It was pretty deep, but in my panic-mode, I wasn't sure if we should run to the ER or what... so I called Monica and asked if she could come over... FAST! She has had more experience in the stiches department, and she thought we should probably go have it looked at. Luckily, Crockett's pedi has an after-hours clinic where they were able to take care of us. They put lidocane on it for about 15 minutes (Crockett didn't make a peep, just watched Yo Gabba Gabba!) and then cleaned it and glued it up. Only when they began cleaning it did Crockett cry... probably harder than when he actually hurt it. He was such a big boy and so brave! I hate that it happened, it really made me pretty sick to my stomach that it happened on my watch, but BOY was I thankful that no stitches were needed! I asked him how his chin was this morning and he said "I all better, momma!" I am so glad and definitely learned my lesson!

By the way, this is NOT a headband, it is "SUPER POWERS"!!! :)


The Curry's said...

I love that he is still wearing his "Super Powers"....he is SUPER brave after all, it fits him nicely!

Neno & Alisa said...

So glad he is okay. I know that was super scary for you, but you are a great momma and I am sure he will have many more moments that will do that to you - unfortunately. Isn't that supposed to be the world of boys. I guess I will find out soon enough too.