Saturday, February 18, 2012

Snow Day!

Last Sunday, we awoke to snow on the ground! As Crockett kept saying, "It is boo-t-ful!!" Little did we know, it would continue to snow ALL DAY LONG! It came down in huge, golf ball sized snowflakes! It was such a great day to have a fire and hangout in our jammies! On Monday morning, we woke up to find out that schools had all been cancelled for the day. So Crockett got all bundled up and went to join John, Braidy and Quin for a little fun in the snow! It just so happened that the weather on Monday was pretty nice, so while they played we just watched. John built each of the boys snowmen... he was VERY good at it! They had snowball fights, made snow angels, and Braidy even "fell asleep" in the snow! They had such a great time and it's a good thing, because by noon, there was barely a trace of snow left! Crazy Lubbock weather! It was a fun day!

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