Friday, May 17, 2013

Funny Story

Crockett has been getting in our bed at night for as long as I can remember. I LOVE his snuggles, but he HAS to be on my little pillow too, meaning I get about a quarter of the bed. Lately I have been getting up with Bowen all night too, and it just became too much. I decided that we should try to BRIBE Crockett with a toy to get him to sleep in his bed ALL NIGHT LONG. He will usually do anything for a new toy, and this was no different. I told him he needed to sleep in his bed, all night long, all by himself, for 7 nights and he could pick out a new toy. He was EXCITED!! So the first night, at about 3 in the am, I hear "Momma.. Momma.. MOMMA!!!" He doesn't get out of his bed, but he wants me to sleep with him. So I lay down for a few minutes until he goes back to sleep. This goes on for about the first 4 nights. On the 5th night, at about 3 am, I hear footsteps and before I know it, Crockett is a the side of my bed. He tells me "Momma, I have lots of toys. I don't need a new one." And he gets in my bed and snuggles as close as he can :) I couldn't help but laugh. He must have put a lot of thought into that! Sweet boy. What am I going to do with him!?!?!?!

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