Monday, May 13, 2013

Mon's BIG Birthday!

I can't believe that my baby sister is 30 (one of them anyways!)!! To celebrate this milestone, her sweet hubby, Ryan, planned a "surprise" dinner with just a few special friends. She really didn't want a surprise, but I think this one was a GREAT one :) I think she might have had an idea something was going on, but it was still a SURPRISE! We all got together and ate dinner at Orlando's. Lots of good food and good friends! I think this was a wonderful way for her to BEGIN her 30th birthday celebration!!

On Tuesday, Mon's real birthday, we picked the boys up from school and headed to Sugarbaker's for our lunch date. We don't even have to ask where we are going anymore, we just know we will meet at Sugarbaker's! It is the BEST! So, Mom, Mon, Danielle and I and our 7 little boys(!!!!!) invaded Sugarbaker's, and although you might not have been able to tell from the floor, our boys were actually VERY well-behaved! I was so proud of all of them! For part of Mon's big birthday, I had made arrangements for her to go to the spa for a relaxing afternoon. She was supposed to get a scrub, soak and massage as well as a pedicure. Sounds heavenly, right!?!?! When she got there and was walking back to the room the girl asked if we were mad at her.... Not a good way to begin a "relaxing afternoon." They did the scrub and put her on a table where she was doused with hot water for a minute and then very COLD 60 degree water for a minute. It is called the Vichy Shower and I think she would NOT recommend it :) Needless to say, I was a bit confused when I asked how her afternoon was and she replied "torturous"!!! I was so mad and felt terrible. Obviously I was not mad at her and there was a MAJOR mistake made. I am so thankful that the Woodhouse corrected their mistake and rebooked her for the RIGHT service, free of charge. So Mon did get her relaxing afternoon, just not on her birthday! On the bright side, she did say the vichy shower was supposed to be good for her lymphatic system! HAHAHA!

That evening we went to Lulu and Papaw's house for the birthday dinner. Lulu cooked and we all had cake and ice cream. Ryan got her a chocolate bundt cake that was AMAZING! The boys played and played and we had a nice time hanging out. Mon opened her gifts and got some great stuff. She must have been a very good girl this year :) I think she felt pretty spoiled, and deservedly so. Mon, or Mom as she is to Crockett, is such a special sister, daughter, mom, wife, aunt and friend. She is a big part of so many different people's lives and we are all so lucky to be a part of hers. Happy 30th Birthday, Monica Allison! Hope this birthday and year are your best yet! We love you!!

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