Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Block Party!!!

We are so blessed to live on a beautiful street with some really amazing neighbors! We are friends with many and all the kiddos LOVE playing together. So after talking about it for a while, my sister, Monica, and Emilie Galanos decided it was time to have a BLOCK PARTY!! They got everything together, cute invitations, food, Mon had the city block off the street... It was all set! The day of, it RAINED, and RAINED, and RAINED. Luckily, by the afternoon, it began to clear up. I am not sure there was a Plan B! It turned out to be a perfect evening to get together. Everyone except for 2 or 3 houses showed up. It was SO great to be able to put names with faces and get to know everyone a little bit better. Ryan smoked brisket and everyone else brought sides and dessert. Needless to say, there was TONS of food! The kids started things off with a bike parade. They all decorated their bikes and rode down the street for everyone to see. They all had so much fun. There were bikes EVERYWHERE! Shortly after, Emilie and Mon had arranged for a fire truck to come! The kids thought it was AWESOME! The firemen were so kind to let all the kids climb into the truck and try on their hats and "drive". They showed them where everything is on the truck and even let the kids spray the big hose! It was so much fun watching the kids and firemen together! We all stayed outside and visited until it got dark, or in my case, until Bowen started biting my arm :) I love being a part of such a friendly block. I think that is something very special about this neighborhood. Although our time on this block is coming to an end, we are so happy to have gotten to know so many wonderful people and look forward to seeing EVERYONE again!!

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