Monday, May 13, 2013


We were so happy to have one of our FAVORITE people come to visit us: MUMMER!!! We all love Grandmaw (to Crockett, she is Mummer :) so much and were thrilled that she was able to come stay with us for a long weekend. She really came to see Crockett's school program and a soccer game, but we did LOTS more than that! Mummer got here on Thursday and Dylan helped lead her to our house. Crockett had been waiting all day for her to arrive, and when he saw Dylan too, he went into happy over-drive!! He showed Dylan and Mummer all of his AWESOME trucks and some of his other toys too. Dylan is always such a good sport to play with him :) I had to go work out that afternoon too, so Mummer stayed with the boys... and saw all the other boys that live on this street. You have never seen so many little boys playing and running around. On a busy day, there are about 12 kiddos running up and down our block, but they all have a BLAST together! Elwanda couldn't believe all of them! After I got home, we got ready for soccer practice. We took our chairs so we could sit and watch. She was very entertained. (As was I!) He did the funniest things and we laughed pretty much the whole time! Mummer always sleeps with Crockett when she comes. He loves that. She even brought her special farm book to read to him, but on the first night, he was asleep before she ever made it in there. On Friday, we all got ready and went to school with Crockett so we could watch his program. It was so precious! We all watched proudly as Crockett sang. He was so happy we were all there! After school was over, we all went to Blue Sky for lunch and to let the kids blow off a little steam in the sand box. Lulu was excited to see Elwanda too. We all sat outside for a while and visited. It was such a beautiful day. That night before bed, Mummer read Crockett some stories from the farm book and he snuggled in close to go to sleep. He got pretty spoiled getting to sleep with his sweet Mummer. On Saturday, we had a soccer game. It was just as funny as practice :) Mummer had to have a little talk with Crockett about "shooting guns" on the soccer field. He was just getting the bulls!?!?! She was proud of how fast he ran and how hard he played for his team. He was so happy she got to watch him play. The rest of the day we played outside and Mummer took Crockett on a very special errand. He had learned about planting seeds at school that week and he got to bring a few home. He insisted that he plant them in a cup. So we did, and watered them. He stood and watched them for about 5 minutes and turned to us and said "They aren't growing!" We all had to explain that it took time and lots of care to make them grow into vegetables, but he kept checking them every 5 minutes and was SO disappointed every time. So on Saturday, Mummer took him to Lowe's to get some vegetable plants and potting soil. He came back with "mato" plants, "carrots" (which he searched for and found on his own, and which are really red hot chili peppers), and strawberries. With a little help from daddy and Mummer, Crockett planted his own little vegetable garden in our front yard! Mummer got up and went home on Sunday morning. We were all so happy to have her here. I think we all wished she could have stayed A LOT longer!! It was a very special weekend!

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