Friday, May 17, 2013

Crockett's Last Game

When we started soccer, as parent's, our expectations were pretty low. We just wanted Crockett to have a great time and make some new friends. The season flew by so quickly and, I must say, we were SO impressed with Crockett's improvement! At the last game of the season, Crockett was in the middle of the action and stopped the ball a couple of times and kicked it away from the other team several times. He was so excited Poppa, JJ and Carsyn were even there to see it!! One or two quarters was about his limit. I saw him ask Coach Mike if they were done yet in the middle of the first quarter :) He had his occasional silly moments, as he became known for... Like looking through his "nociars" to look for bulls and making silly faces. We had plenty of entertaining moments! He really had such a great time and we were so proud of how hard he played! After the last game, all the boys got medals. They were so excited! Crockett told me "I have always wanted a medal!!!" It was so cute. They all played so hard (there were only 6 on our team because 2 boys never showed up) and gave it all they had. They were all pretty sweet too and got along great. To celebrate a great season, Coach Mike treated all the boys to a pizza party and Evan's mom made a cake. They had so much fun together. We really got lucky with this Galaxy team and we are already excited about the Fall season!!! Way to Go, Galaxy! So proud of this team!

Crockett even got the rest of the team looking for cows... and they finally found some :)

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