Friday, May 3, 2013

"All In A Day's Time"

I have patiently waited for Crockett's school program ALL YEAR LONG!! It was finally here! I had been asking him for the last couple of weeks, which songs he was going to sing, but he never really told me. I wasn't sure if he would sing or get stage fright or pick his nose the whole time... luckily, he sang most of the songs and only picked his nose once :) I was so impressed and proud. All of the children did SO good. There were a few that put on a really entertaining show. Crockett was so excited to have Mon, Mummer (we were SO excited she came to visit! See next blog :), LuLu, Daddy, Bowen, Braidy, Quinny and I all watching. Quinny kept saying "Hi Tockett!!" while Crockett was on stage and Crockett kept waving to him. So cute. Each child did a drawing of themselves. I would never have picked Crockett's out, as I would have expected boots or something. But it is so precious, and I will keep it forever and ever. Mrs. Odom helped the children, but the paint brush was all theirs. When he did his hair, she told him that hair was connected to our head, so he drew 3 little lines "connecting" his hair to his head :) Crockett's program was so much fun to watch, and I will treasure the memory of it for years to come.

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