Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Visit from Old Friends!

We were SO SO EXCITED to have the Luig's come visit!! Our babies are all about the same age and we love hanging out with Josh and Brandi, and since they moved to Ft Worth and we moved to Lubbock, we never get to see one another. Last weekend, they came to Lubbock for the Red and Black game and just to hang out. It has been a really long time since Crockett and Cade played. They don't remember that they used to be great buds when they were little. We hadn't even met Brynn, who just turned one in April. Like I said, it had been WAY TOO LONG! They drove in late Friday night, so everyone was asleep when they got here. We did see Brynn who woke up for a bit and met Molly, the newest addition to their family. She is a blue heeler/akita mix and she is too cute. We all got ready for bed, and after a few barking noises from Brynn (hilarious!) we were all asleep. As soon as we got up in the morning, playtime was on. It took Cade and Crockett about 5 minutes to wake-up and warm-up to each other and they were off. They brought each other birthday presents (their bdays are March 18th (Cade) and March 22nd (Crockett)), so they had a couple of very cool new toys to play with, in addition to the 1,000 other toys between the two of them :) They played so good, and when we all got ready to go to the Red & Black game and they had to get in different cars, they were so worried they were going to be separated. They held hands the entire walk to the Tech Club. These boys were best buds. It was so much fun watching them play. We had lots of fun. Aside from a trip to the Dr. for Brandi and Brynn, it was a beautiful, relaxing, fun-filled day at the Stone household. We had a babysitter for Saturday night, which is quite a treat. She was amazing and did awesome with 2 4-year-olds, a 1 year-old, a 10 month-old and a puppy. That is a busy house. On Sunday, we got up and let the boys play for a while before it was time for the Luig's to head back to Ft Worth, but not before we set another playdate. We all had too much fun to wait another 2 years to do it again! We are going for a visit at the beginning of June, and have already started counting down!!!

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