Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

I can't think of a better way to spend Easter! We were SO lucky this year to be surrounded by the ENTIRE Stone clan! Chris and Crockett went to Holliday on Wednesday evening to get some WORK done, while Bowen and I stayed behind and spent a little one-on-one time together. We had a great time and enjoyed the peace and quiet, but missed Daddy and big brother terribly. It was just a little TOO quiet, so on Friday morning, we were ready to join them. Bowen did GREAT in the car and I jammed to some good music (which I must say, was quite therapeutic). Mummer couldn't believe how big Bowen has gotten and he LOVED getting hugs and kisses from her. Crockett was glad to see us, but he was very busy playing with Rich. They had SO MUCH FUN together. 
After we all got a good night's rest, we woke up ready to go on Saturday. We took Crockett to the Easter Egg hunt put on by the Holliday VFD. Rich, Bella and Wes were all there too! They divided all the kids up by age and there were only about 10 3 & 4 year olds, so we had an entire baseball field full of eggs! The boys got TONS of eggs, and little did we know, at the end we had to count them all for the CONTEST. Crockett had 54 eggs, which was the most for the boys that age! He WON an AWESOME Easter basket!! He was so excited! It had some very fun toys in it... mainly a Transformer, that he actually slept with last night. It was a lot of fun! They even got to crawl on the firetruck before we left. A good time was had by all :)

As soon as we got back to Mummer's house, KK and Scott were there! We were so excited to spend Easter with everyone, but the main reason we went was to see KK and meet Scott, who were coming to visit from D.C. We don't get to see her near enough, so we will take advantage of every opportunity we get!! Shortly after KK and Scott arrived, we were SO EXCITED to see Grandpa Steve drive up!!! He drove all the way from San Marcos to see everyone. It didn't take long for all the guys to load up and head to the Parish to see Hotshot and look for some hogs! Crockett was so happy to tag along with the big boys. Kelly, Bowen and I joined them after lunch and enjoyed some time outside. It was such a beautiful day! The guys saw a few hogs, but none close enough to shoot. After a nice visit, it was time to go home and rest before a big evening.

That evening, all the Stone's got together for dinner (Branding Iron! YUMMY!!!) and a BIRTHDAY celebration for Crockett!! It is something that we try to do for all the little ones, and it just works out so well for everyone to meet in Holliday. Mummer is always so nice to let EVERYONE come to her house. It gets quite chaotic, but I know we all treasure these times. Luckily, on this evening, it was beautiful outside, so some people ate out there and all the kids rode bikes and played. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening. Crockett loved his cake and got some really fun gifts. He is a lucky little boy (they are actually all pretty lucky little kids) to be loved by so many.

The next morning, Easter, we got up and got ready for Church. My nieces, Emily and Nathalie, were singing, so we were all going to watch them. I got the boys dressed up, and Crockett refused to wear his new shoes, and insisted on wearing his boots. Sometimes, it is just not worth the fight... this was one of those mornings. Cowboy Crockett went with Brenda and Rich to Sunday School while we got ready for Church. Bowen ended up staying home and taking a nap with daddy, But my boys sure looked handsome together!! At least I got a picture!! 
After Church, we all came back to Mummer's house for lunch and to hunt some Easter eggs! It was so fun and a great way to spend such a special day!

We are so thankful to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and his love for us with so many people we love. We are ALL so BLESSED!

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