Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bowen Barrett - 10 Months

Another month has passed and I can't believe I am now beginning to think about Bowen's 1st birthday. This past month has been filled with LOTS of milestones and fun memories. He is still such a sweet baby, but just has such a funny, flirty, ornery personality. I love him more and more everyday and I can't even remember what life was like without him.

Bowen, You are growing so FAST!!! Luckily, this month, you have not really GROWN that much! You are still the chunkiest, squishiest baby, but you weigh 22.10 lbs, which I think is actually 1 oz less than last month. You started crawling, and although you started out slow, you are now quite speedy. You keep me on my toes! You are also pulling up, so we have lowered your crib, but everything else is fair game, and you love making a MESS :) We started eating real food. You never really liked baby food much, and you drive me crazy slapping it out of my hand and making a mess, so we are working on eating real food. You love mac and cheese, corn, yogurt, grilled cheese, chicken, ice cream, chocolate and most fruits :) You can't stand refried beans, actually, you grabbed them out of your mouth. So far, I am telling myself you are going to be a MUCH better eater than your brother! You have already said 'mama' and 'dada', but this month you actually say them all the time and I think you might know what you are saying. You make lots of sounds and I think you will start saying some other 'words' soon. You love to clap and we will spend entire days saying "YAYYYYY!" and making you clap. You can also wave bye-bye. It is adorable. Not always on cue, but most of the time you will do it. You are always SO proud of yourself... and we are too. It is so awesome watching you learn and catch onto new things! Crockett is still your best buddy, you want to be right in the middle of whatever he is doing. He doesn't love you playing with his toys that much, and one time he actually "trapped" you under the laundry basket. It was quite funny :) You know his room is the most fun, and just like every other boy I know, you find boxes to just dump out. You do love to play and are quite content just exploring all of the toys. You are still not sleeping too good, but some nights are ok. I am just used to be exhausted now! Ha! I would miss rocking you if you slept all night. That is the only time you are still enough for me to love on and just rock. You are so much fun and such a happy boy. You have added so much to our family. We love you BO!!!

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