Monday, April 22, 2013

Sesame Street Live!!

Last weekend we were so excited because LuLu took us to see Sesame Street Live!!!! Crockett has been talking about Elmo for the last few weeks and told just about everyone we came across that he was going to see Elmo! It was FINALLY here! LuLu, Mon, Crockett, Braidy, Quin and I all packed in the car and went to the show. We got there early and took a few (or maybe more than a few) pictures. That was a lot of fun and the boys got to run around a play a little. When we made our way down to our seats, Monica saw a friend she knew from church, who also happened to work for Select-A-Seat (who puts on the shows). She came up to Monica a few minutes later and asked us if we wanted 6 available seats on the 2nd row! Woo Hoo! How fun! The boys were all so cute! Braidy and Crockett had the cutest smiles on their faces and Quin kept yelling "HIIIIIII, ELMO!!" It was priceless. Braidy LOVED the whole thing and watched it so good, Crockett got a little antsy but had a great time, and Quinny LOVED Elmo and his cotton candy equally :) Thank you so much, LuLu, for taking us to see Elmo! We loved it and had so much fun with you. 

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