Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Polar Express

One of our FAVORITE traditions this time of the year is our annual trip on the Polar Express! This past Sunday we took our 3rd trip with LuLu and all the boys! This was one of our favorite trips so far! The boys all had such a great time and looked so cute in their jammies. We all met at Cane's to eat some chicken before we set off on our adventure to the North Pole. After we ate, we all piled into our car and headed to the train depot. The boys were VERY excited and full of energy :) When it was time to get on the train, each boy got their ticket, which is very important! After watching the movie over and over, Crockett will not let his ticket go! We all got settled in and waited for our departure. After we started moving, the Conductor came by and punched everyone's ticket. He was lots of fun and made the whole experience one to remember. He had so much energy and the boys thought he was pretty cool! The boys all loved their hot chocolate and cookies from all the chefs. Then we all listened to the Polar Express as the chefs came around and showed us the pictures in the book. I love that Crockett knows what is going on and loves the story so much! When we finally reached the North Pole all of the boys looked out the window in amazement! There was Santa!!! Santa came to visit us on the train and all of the boys got to tell him what they wanted. John wanted legos, Braidy wanted "regular" blocks, Crockett wanted a monster truck, and Quinny wanted Thomas the Train... Bowen wouldn't tell us what he wanted, but he really liked pulling Santa's beard ;) This was the first time Quin saw Santa and didn't cry. He did SO good! The boys all got a little crazy on the way back. They were running and hiding and playing with their new jingle bells they got from Santa. If you are familiar with the book or movie, you know how special those jingle bells are. We really enjoyed our trip on the Polar Express. We are so thankful for this tradition that LuLu does for us. It is such a fun time and is something the boys will always remember! P.S. We tried REALLY hard to get one REALLY good picture of everyone... it is such an impossible task and by the end they had it with pictures :) Fun memories!

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