Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa is IN town!

We have been talking SO much about Christmas lately. SO Crockett was really excited when I told him that Santa would be at lunch last Sunday! I had it all planned in my head and it was going to be such a GREAT morning... And then it really happened. It ended up turning out to be one of those mornings when you wonder if it was all really worth it?!? It started with a super fussy Bowen all morning. I thought he might be getting sick so I didn't even take him to Cradle Roll at church. After church, we headed up to the Tech Club to meet LuLu and Papaw for lunch. We got there and were practically sitting in the buffet line, and Crockett started his little act. It began by announcing to everyone around us that he had to go POOPOO. Everyone got a good laugh out of it. It was pretty funny :) He wouldn't eat anything, nor would he sit still, which almost caused several accidents due to our location. Then he wanted LuLu's phone... it did not end well. He was the kid being dragged through the restaurant by dad, yelling for mom. He came back and acted much better. Thank goodness. We all did get to eat and enjoy one another's company for a while. We always have a good time. After we were all done, it was time to go upstairs and see Santa. What we had been waiting all morning for! When we got up there, the people getting back on the elevator told us that Santa was taking a break. Luckily, we were able to make contact with Santa and get a few quick Ho Ho Ho's out of him and a picture. Crockett wasn't too sure about him, but he did tell him that he would like a red tractor with blue stripes for Christmas. Santa's elves better get to work on that!!! Bowen did great. Don't know that he even looked at Santa, but he didn't mind being up there at all! I did get a couple of really cute pictures, which made the morning all worth it! We all left feeling relieved and happy that the morning was behind us! Ohhh the memories! Tis the season :)

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