Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Party with LuLu!

Last night, Crockett, Braidy, Bowen and I went up to the hospital to join LuLu for her Christmas party! The boys are always SO excited to get to see LuLu :) We all got to eat pizza and cookies while we waited for a "special visitor." As we ate and the boys played, we heard a "HO HO HO!" Santa was here!!!!! The children all gathered around Santa as he called each one up and presented them with a gift. Crockett was the first one called. He was a bit unsure, but with a bit of nudging, he hopped up there and was SO excited to get his gift. Bowen was next and really wasn't sure about that Santa fellow. He just stared at him for quite a while and tried to eat the tissue paper. Actually, he might have had a few bites :) Braidy was the last from our group. He bounded up the stairs and was so excited that Santa had a gift for him! He was even more excited when he saw that there was an Angry Bird in there! He thought that was SO COOL!! Our boys had such a great time and were so happy that LuLu had invited them to her party. As we left, they looked ALL over for Santa's reindeer. Braidy just wanted to feed them the reindeer food he had gotten as a party favor. Maybe we will have better luck on Christmas night!!

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