Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with KK!

I can't believe Christmas is finally here! Our Christmases began with a trip to Holliday to see KK, who had come to visit from Washington D.C. We all went to Mummer's house and had lunch, played games, opened a couple of gifts, decorated cookies, and just got to hang out together. KK got Crockett some monster tread tractors. He thought they were SO COOL! Crockett has SO much fun with KK and all 'the girls'. Him and Nattie are partners in crime :) They love getting to play together. Chris and I took Crockett to Midwestern to see the Fantasy of Lights. We go every year, but this year he really loved it! His favorite was the robot that blows bubbles. We are so blessed to have such a large family, and we just love getting to see everyone. It really is special when we all get together. Merry Christmas #1!! :)

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