Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas with Hotshot!

While we were in Holliday, we went to go visit Hotshot and Maryann. Crockett LOVES to go out to the Parish and see the cows. The guys always seem to disappear for a while... this time they went to go find stumps for firewood. Hotshot used the chainsaw to cut some of it up. Crockett thought that was AWESOME. Oh the fun that little boy has out there :) Crockett and Bowen both got to open their Christmas presents. Crockett got a Thomas the Train, which he LOVED. Bowen got a toy that has a car and makes music. He has to have a little help for now, but loves the music. And chewing on all of it :) Crockett would not let Thomas out of his sight and got very mad when we had to put it in the front seat of the car so that I could get in the back. When we got home, we immediately had to put it together. It was a very large track, but daddy got it done. When we let Thomas go, he went up and then drops off a track and Bowen just giggled and giggled! It was the funniest thing. He watched intently and was so entertained! Good times! We love Hotshot. He and Crockett have such a special bond. It is really special and we treasure the times with them. Merry Christmas #2!

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