Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas At LuLu's!

Since the Curry's didn't get back until late the night before, we decided to Christmas with LuLu and Papaw on the day after Christmas. We all went over to Lulu's where we had a mexican fiesta! Rachy's sweet boyfriend, John, even came to join us! We are so happy to have him here with us. He even brought his dog, Charlie. They boys loved him, but I am not sure the feeling was mutual. We had chicken enchiladas, Pedro's tamales, guac, and Mom and I had margaritas! It was relish! It is actually becoming a tradition for Rachy to cook these for Christmas :) YAY! After a we were all full, we decided it was time to open gifts. The boys were so excited to pass them out, and only a couple of times did we have to tell Quin that he couldn't open the gifts yet. He REALLY, REALLY wanted to open gifts, any gifts :) The little boys were SO good this year! They each took a turn and opened a gift and then watched everyone else. Rachy got Braidy and Crockett digital cameras, which they LOVED. LuLu and Papaw got the big boys sleeping bags, that they wanted to use last night! Bowen wasn't really into any of it and was not happy with anyone except Papaw. He held him all night and by the time everything was winding down, Bowen was sound asleep on Papaw's chest. It was such a precious sight. Quinny loved opening his gifts and was so fun to watch. The boys were definitely spoiled... as were the adults :) I got a set of Le Cruset cast iron pots. I was SO excited! We are really so blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas with all of the people we love. The gifts are fun, especially with the boys, but really getting to spend time is the best. Very rarely these days do we all get to hang out. I am truly thankful for these memories. We have had a Very Merry Christmas this year and only have 1 more to go!

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