Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve!

Our Christmas Eve was a little different this year. We traditionally go Christmas at my mom's house, but this year, the Curry's were skiing, so a few main players were missing. It was such a fun day, though. It began with a note from Buford! Crockett found a message from Buford, which he thought was really cool. He was sad that Buford was about to leave us, but he cheered up when I told him that he would be back next year. Mom, Rach and I also went to Painting with a Twist. It was SO fun! We got to do an ornament painting and drink mimosas :) What could be better!?!? After a quick lunch, I had to go home and relieve my babysitter! Ha! Chris was so kind to let me get out of the house for a while. That night we went over to LuLu and Papaw's house for steaks. It was a delicious dinner! But I had two very sleepy, fussy and unhappy boys, which put a slight damper on things. They were both exhausted, so we didn't open any presents, or get to look at lights. We left LuLu's and got ready for bed. We did read a book that Santa sent with Buford for us to read on Christmas Eve. The book is called "Room for a Little One" I love that Crockett knows about the TRUE meaning of Christmas... even if it gets a little lost when we start opening presents. We also had to leave a little food out for Santa and his reindeer. Santa got some Cuties, 1 Oreo and chocolate milk. Crockett didn't want to share the other Oreo and I wasn't going to fight him and I just didn't get my other cookies made. Santa liked the Cuties though :). The reindeers got peanuts and some reindeer food we left outside. Christmas is so much fun through the eyes of little kids. Merry Christmas Eve!

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