Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just a Jumpin'

Bowen is no longer content to lay down on a blanket and watch the fan or the ceiling or whatever he can see from there... he now wants to sit up and see what is going on all around him. He does not even want to lay back. I mean, he wants to be sitting or standing straight up! I guess it is about that time. Plus, he has outgrown most of his chairs that I could set him in. So, as I was trying to figure out how to get in the shower with a wide-awake baby, I remembered the Johnny Jump Up that the Curry's so kindly donated to us, for now :) I put it up in the doorway of the bathroom and put my little Bowen in it, and he LOVED it! He could not only see everything, he could move and jump and still gnaw of his fists! It was wonderful and he was so very happy! Crockett always wants to swing him or help him jump, which I don't approve of, but Bowen likes it and just laughs and smiles at his big brother. That must be one of my very favorite things about having these two boys. We love to spend our days just a jumping! Such a happy baby!!

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