Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aunt Susan Comes to Town

It has been such a fun, crazy week here at the Stone house! We got back from our Thanksgiving vacation on Sunday, Crockett had school on Monday and on Tuesday Aunt Susan came to visit! We have been anxiously awaiting her arrival! Finally on Tuesday, after Little Gym, we headed to the airport to pick her up. It was so good to see her; it has been such a LONG time! We got home and planned on playing and doing some special things... and then Crockett puked. So, not 5 minutes after we got home, I passed Bowen off to Aunt Susan and sent them down the street to the Curry house. Poor Crockett didn't feel good and I needed to take care of him without getting everyone else sick. So, after getting sick a couple of times, Crockett seemed to feel lots better and was back to his old self. Aunt Susan hung out with us for a while and passed out some special goodies she brought! Crockett got her famous cookies, which he could barely wait to eat! To be on the safe side, she moved down to the Curry's for the night. On Wednesday, Crockett was back to his old self. He didn't go to school, but was over his little bug. Thank the Lord. The first thing he asked for was a cookie. I told him no, we had to wait until after lunch. The next time I went in the living room, he was sitting on the couch, completely unaware of me standing there, eating a cookie. Little stinker! Mon and Aunt Susan came over after taking Braidy and Quinny to school. We got to catch up and hang out for a little while. We went to lunch at McAlister's Deli, where the boys made some Policeman friends. It was pretty comical. Aunt Susan got a kick out of all the boys. Luckily, they were pretty well behaved today :) After lunch, we went outside and rode bikes, picked berries, played with sticks and eventually went to feed the ducks. It was such a beautiful November day; we were NOT spending it in the house!!! Everyone had a SUPER time feeding the hundreds of ducks at the lake. It was such a fun visit. Aunt Susan is such a special lady to all of us. I love that she wants to be a part of all of our boys lives. They loved playing with her and can't wait for her to come back!

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