Monday, November 26, 2012

Quinny Turns 2!

One of my favorite little boys turned 2 this Sunday! Quin Joseph is such a happy, loving, smiley, and sometimes, ornery little boy. He greets pretty much everyone with a kiss and hug and makes my heart melt every time I hear him say "Aunt Jess". He loves Uncle Chris, Crockett and Bowen a lot too. He is just such a sweet spirit and we have been blessed to get to watch him grow. On Saturday we walked to the Curry's house for an ELMO pajama party! All of Quinny's friends ate doughnuts and fruit with chocolate milk (maybe the mommas and daddys did too :) It was like a breakfast picnic and everyone thought it was AWESOME! They got to make cereal necklaces and color ELMO and play with LOTS of balloons! I think all the kids had a great time! Quinny got lots of very fun gifts, including TONS of ELMO gear! He can now wear ELMO from head to toe, seriously. Quinny also got an awesome tricycle from LuLu and Papaw. It was so cute to see him on it! He was very excited! He had a great time at his party and it might have been the most successful 2 year old party I have ever attended :)
Quinny's real birthday was on Sunday. So after Church, we all went and joined the Curry's (including Nena and Pops) for a special birthday lunch of lasagna and Nena's special spinach. It was SO yummy! I love it when Curry's have birthdays! HA! The special birthday lunch ended with a special Elmo birthday cake. It was delicious. Quin was a pro at blowing out his candles. He even got to blow them out one more time after dinner, when LuLu, Papaw and Johnny were there. AND we all had a little more cake :) It was Quinny's birthday weekend, after all. Happy Birthday to sweet Quinny. We love you BIG much and love watching you grow.

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