Monday, November 19, 2012

Bowen Barrett - 5 months old

Another month has come and gone, in the blink of an eye. My sweet little boy is still growing like a weed, but thankfully, has slowed down a teeny bit. He began as a fussy, unhappy baby and is now one of the happiest, most laid-back babies I have ever known. My days are all brighter with this sweet smile that just melts my heart.
Bowen, You are growing so quickly. You weigh 19.6 lbs and are growing in length too, although I don't know how long you are. Your diapers are size 3s. You are still wearing 6-12 month clothes, but most 6 and 9 month clothes are quite snug. I have stopped buying 6-12 and will soon get the 12-18 clothes out. I can't believe that. You are still SO chunky. There is so much of you to love :) You have rolled over a couple more times, but are pretty content to just lay there. Or maybe you are a little lazy ;) You still don't like being on your tummy, but you are very strong and can hold your head up so good now. You love to sit up or stand up. You want to see what is going on and do not want to be left out. You get distracted very easily, which makes meal time a little difficult. You still eat every 3 hours and are on a great routine, most days. You wake up, eat, and play then take a nap. Usually a small nap in the morning, a longer nap in the afternoon and a cat nap in the evening. After your first 3 months, I never thought you were going to get on a schedule... I am so thankful you finally decided to cooperate :) I am also thankful that you are able to go-with-the-flow on those days when a routine is not quite possible. Maybe that is just part of being baby #2. You are ALWAYS such a trooper. I decided to wait until 6 months to begin foods, so you are still a breast-only baby. I think you are going to love food, though. You are such a happy baby. You wake up smiling and make everyone you come into contact with smile. You have the most adorable, contagious belly laugh. You are so ticklish and love to be thrown in the air. You are such a great bouncer these days, even our friends in the Cradle Roll class at church have mentioned this to me! I think you will be getting your first tooth in the near future because you NEED something in your mouth constantly and have begun drooling. You will have the cutest toothy smile. You also really still like playing with your feet. This makes diaper changes a little challenging! You are changing daily and I love being home with you to see it all. Your brother still thinks you are the greatest and cannot keep his hands off of you. You are one lucky, loved, little boy. You have blessed our family in ways I cannot even articulate. I look at both you and your brother and I am in awe of God's amazing plan for our family. My cup runeth over.

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