Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trunk or Treat!!

Last night we met up with some friends to go Trunk or Treating at Lakeridge Methodist Church. We did not have a costume yesterday, so we had to go get one. I have been asking Crockett what he wanted to be for Halloween for a while now. At first, he kept telling me he wanted to be a pumpkin... Thank goodness he changed his mind, because I think 3 is a little too old to be a pumpkin! Ever since then, he has told me he wanted to be a FIREFIGHTER! So yesterday as we were looking at all the costumes, we saw Jake the Pirate, Buzz and Woody, Spiderman, but he was dead set on a fireman. He put his outfit on as soon as we got home (about 3 p.m.) and did not take it off until he was ready to get in the bath. We had such a good time at the Trunk or Treat! Crockett got to ride the Choo-Choo Express, play several games, got lots of goodies and we got to see our friends the Ehlers. Crockett and Jayce were both firemen :) Too cute! When we got home, Crockett was so tired. It had been a long day. He told me "Momma, the fireman is done", took off his outfit and was ready for bed. I am so glad he loves his costume. I have a feeling it will get a lot of use... Halloween or not.

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