Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We were so excited to have visitors last weekend! Kyle, Marla, Kylee and Mummer came to visit!!! Kyle and Marla's son, Dylan, goes to Tech and turned 21 last week, so they came to celebrate and we were lucky enough to get to help! Crockett had been asking Mummer to come spend the night with him for a while, so he was PUMPED! They came in on Friday and we all met at Outback for a birthday dinner. We even got to meet Dylan's sweet girlfriend, Peyton, who I think Crockett had a crush on :) She was so sweet and just fit right in. After dinner, we all came back to our house and Dylan opened presents, Crockett showed everyone all his toys (one at a time :) and we ate some VERY YUMMY ice cream cake! Crockett even got to help Dylan blow out his candles. He thought that was very cool! Everyone except for Dylan and Peyton stayed at our house. It was a full house, but it was SO much fun! I must say, both of my boys were ROCKSTARS! It was such a late dinner and late night and they were such sports. I was SO proud of them!On Saturday morning, we all got to hang out and eat donuts and drink coffee for a while before Kyle, Marla and Kylee went to meet Dylan. Crockett showed everyone how he can ride his bike and the gator. Bowen showed everyone how he can sit in his bumbo and smile the sweetest little smiles :) Mummer stayed with us and watched the Tech game. We decided not to go, but were kicking ourselves shortly after the game started... Tech played AWESOME!!! Crockett loved having his Mummer around to read to him, play with him, sleep with him... he got very spoiled. We took Mummer to Abuelo's for dinner and then made it an early night. I think we were all exhausted! I think Elwanda might have been a good luck charm... Crockett slept in his bed (with Mummer) all night long 2 NIGHTS IN A ROW and Bowen slept ALL NIGHT LONG on Saturday! HALLELUJAH!!! It was amazing! Thank you, Mummer :) We were so sad to see everyone leave on Sunday. We had so much fun and LOVED having everyone here. We are so lucky to have such a special family! Come back and visit soon!

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