Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bowen Barrett - Three Months Old!

My how time flies when you are having fun! This little boy has stolen my heart and has me wrapped around each of his fat little fingers! His little personality is beginning to show, and he is such a happy boy. He has a smile that just lights up the room and a giggle that is so infectious. He changes more and more each day, so I am enjoying every "baby" moment. It has been a very exhausting 3 months, but I wouldn't trade this little guy for anything. Love him to pieces.
Bowen, On your 3 month birthday, you weighed a WHOPPING 16.1 lbs! You are such a CHUNK! You have rolls upon rolls and are just wonderfully squishy! You are wearing 3-6 clothes and size 3 diapers. You have found your voice lately and you LOVE to talk! You are most talkative in the evening and before bedtime. Your daddy and I love to hear your sweet sounds. You love gnawing on your fists. I think you are in search of a thumb to suck on, but you refuse to unclinch your fist. You are oh so very ticklish! Almost every inch of your body, is incredibly ticklish! Sometimes you will laugh out loud and sometimes it just makes you squirm. You are beginning to sleep more than 2 hours at a time!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! It is usually just a 3, or so, hour stretch, but I am beginning to see a silver lining! You are still in the nap nanny, and seem to feel pretty comfy in there. We will just stick with whatever works until we can't anymore! You are constantly biting or sucking on your lower lip. The little (well, kind of big) hernia you had has almost disappeared, giving you an almost completely normal belly button. You are still taking Zantac 2x a day, and that is ok with me. I feel like it helps you so much. You have started spitting up a little more, but it doesn't seem to bother you, which I am so thankful for. You love sitting outside or going on walks these days. We have had such lovely fall weather lately, so we just go sit and watch the big boys ride bikes or play. You are so content these days. I love every chance I have to sit and cuddle with you or just watch you make all kinds of expressions. You are such a joy and we couldn't imagine our family without you. Happy 3 Month Birthday, sweet Bowen!

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