Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We love to go visit HotShot and MaryAnn out at the Parish. The last time we went, Crockett was in a really great mood and the weather was absolutely beautiful. When we got there, he was a bit shy, but after a couple of minutes he wanted HotShot to go "outtide" with him. So they went. Chris, MaryAnn and I followed closely behind and what we saw was too precious! HotShot was swinging Crockett and Crockett was giggling, giggling, giggling!! It was so cute and his laugh was infectious! After a while they stopped and went to sit on the porch swing... but about five minutes later, Crockett kept saying "'Wing! 'Wing! 'Wing!" He wanted HotShot to swing with him again :) So they did, and HotShot swang right next to him. It was so sweet to see Crockett look at him and laugh with him. He is such a special man, and I am so thankful that he and MaryAnn are a part of Crockett's life! (ours, too! :)

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