Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve at Hotshot's!

We decided to go visit HotShot and MaryAnn on Christmas Eve! Casey, Amie and the girls were already over there, so it was even MORE fun! They had gifts for the kiddos and they had a blast opening them! We had a blast watching their little eyes light up :) They gave Crockett a Race Car scooter, which he LOVES! and a musical jack-in-the-box. He was so much fun to watch this year! The girls loved their gifts also! Emily couldn't believe all the princess Barbie clothes she got and Nathalie got a scooter with Minnie Mouse on it. (Crockett was pretty excited about Minnie too! HA!) Kayleigh got a jewlery making set, with all the tools she might need! Looked very cool! They all played and played! Crockett found a NEMO ball and threw it around (pretty hard, I might add!) with HotShot! We all thought it was pretty funny! MaryAnn had set up a choo-choo train around their Christmas tree, so she started it to show the kids.... Crockett was in LOVE! He layed in front to the train just watching, and would get up every once in a while and tell everyone "CHOO CHOO!!!!" with the hand motion and everything! It was so so so cute!

It was such a fun evening and Crockett really had a great time! It usually takes him a little time to warm up to Hotshot, but not this time! He was hugging on him and playing with him. It is very special for Chris to see them play together and get to know one another. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve! We are so blessed!

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