Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis The Season...

... For friends and family! Every year we (the Stone's, Luig's and Leggett's) try to get together and celebrate the season and our friendships. Everyone is so busy all year long, and this is just a great time to stop and spend some time with each other. This year we decided to go over to the Luig's new house and have a grilled cheese bar! It was SO SO good! Even Chris liked it... and he was pretty determined not to!We will definately be doing it again! (Thank you, Martha!) It was great because the kids could run around and play and we could cook, talk, and just enjoy our evening together! The kids decorated cookies and Brandi made a DELICIOUS cake! (I still want that recipe, by the way!)

We all went on a carriage ride at 9:30, which was a little late, but the kids did great. It turned out to be a perfect evening - chilly, but not too cold! The carriage, which was all lit up, came and picked us up from their house, which the kids LOVED! Then it took us around Country Club to look at lights! It was so much fun and there were some really BEAUTIFULLY decorated homes!

We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends, who are really more like family. We love ya'll!

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