Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas from our home...

We had decided last year that from that Christmas on, we would spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day at our house. One day Crockett will know all about Santa and he will know that Santa comes to his house! I have never NOT been at my mom's for Christmas, so it was a bit bittersweet, but she understood... and I have been looking forward to it ever since! So on Christmas Eve, after Hotshot and MaryAnn's house we went home and opened a couple of presents! Chris and I decided to let Crockett open a couple, because we couldn't stand waiting!, and he and I could only open the one Crockett had given each of us. Last year was so special since it was Crockett's 1st Christmas, but this year was even more WONDERFUL! He was sooooo much fun to watch! He knows how to open the gift and when he sees what is inside, his eyes just light up and most of the time, he says "WHOA!!" It was priceless and such a fantastic memory that Chris and I will always share. Crockett loved his tractor shirt and his toolbox... Chris LOVED the photobook Crockett:) made about "ME and MY DADDY"... and I was SO SO EXCITED about my new NIKON D3000! It was so special to spend Christmas Eve with our little family!

After Crockett went to sleep, Santa's elves got to work! We set up his kitchen, put up his "tractor" tent, got all of the stockings ready and finally got to sit back and just enjoy the moment. It is fun to enjoy Christmas through the eyes of your child and I think it really meant a lot to both of us!

On Christmas morning, of course that would be the morning, Crockett decided to sleep until about 8:30!! It was killing both of us not to wake him up! When he FINALLY got up, he was so excited about everything and just played, and played, and played! He loved all of his new toys and was such a busy little bee buzzing around our house with a new toy in hand each time he crossed the floor! It was so much fun and really made Chris and I thankful for our family. We are truly blessed!

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