Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day at Grandmaw's!

For lunch on Christmas Day, we went to be with the Stone family! It is always such a special get-together and really is a great way to celebrate the day. Grandmaw is such a remarkable woman and is the glue that binds this family together. I always feel like we really remember what these holidays are about when we are at her house. God, family, friends... the most important things in life (and in that order).

We ate such a delicious meal. There is always so much food! Most of the time I don't even make it to dessert! (Yeah, right, maybe a little bit :) We get to catch-up with the ones we don't see often enough, the kids get to play, the men talk shop, it is such a great occasion! After we cleaned up, and cleared away, it is time for presents. This year, Grandmaw made EVERYONE pick a number between 1 and 19... whoever guessed her number was SANTA!!! I guessed 18 and the number was 17, luckily, Kayleigh guessed 17 and happily accepted her new job :) She was a good little Santa too!! Everyone goes around (youngest to oldest) and opens one gift... while EVERYONE watches you! It really was nerve-racking my first couple of years in the family, but we have a really good time now. After that, it is like a free-for-all!! There is wrapping paper going everywhere, toys flying, kids playing, people hugging... it is wonderful! Just what a big family Christmas should be!

There were lots of great moments: Grandmaw got Crockett a pair of pj's with tractors on them... he had to put them on right then! He kept looking at his legs telling everyone "TACTOR!" He had actually borrowed the same pair of pj's from his friend, Cade, and I kept worrying because he wants to wear them EVERYDAY and I didn't know how I was going to give them back :), Brenda got a sign that said "There would be a lot less spoiled kids in this world if we could spank Grandma and Grandpa! HA! So true :), Marla and Brenda both got teeny tiny shirts (Grandmaw said they were the BIG THING in Granbury :), Shirley made a delicious Kahlua cake, but by the time we found out it had Kahlua in it, Nathalie, Crockett and Rich had already DEVOURED it!, All of us girls got house coats! We should have taken a big picture :) And I could go on and on....

I am so lucky, happy, proud to be a part of this family. I have spent the last 5 years right down the road from most of these people and they have taken me in like I have been here for 15! We had a wonderful day and Crockett was WORN OUT! It was the perfect ending for a pretty perfect Christmas!

We have been so lucky to celebrate with each side of our family this year! It is exhausting but so worth it. We are blessed with so many people in our lives and getting to spend part of a holiday with them is just a small way to say 'We Love You'!! After heading to my dad's this weekend (NYE!) Christmas 2010 will officially be over. What a Christmas it has been!!! :)

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