Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas at LuLu's!

I cannot believe I am already blogging about Christmas 2010! It has come and gone in the blink of an eye!

This past weekend, we went to Lubbock to celebrate Christmas with LuLu, Papaw, the Curry's and Rachy! When we got there on Friday, we ate pizza and just enjoyed being together. Crockett was SO EXCITED to see BAY-DEE and BEEBE!! He had been waiting all week to see them :) On Saturday, Chris and I had my dear, old friend, Micah Meixner's wedding. It was at noon at First United Methodist Church... SO, SO, SO BEAUTIFUL! The bells sounded at noon, the entire choir sang, there was a trumpeter along with the organist, poinsettias everywhere... seriously, one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to! And on top of that, I got to see SO many dear friends. Micah and I went to elementary school-high school together, so I really saw SO many friends! After the lovely wedding and reception, Chris and I went to Chimy's - if only to make the most of our "alone" time :) which we don't get very often!

At 4:30 on Saturday, LuLu, Rachy, Mon, Braidy, John, Crockett and I took a trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express! The boys were VERY HAPPY when they saw the CHOO-CHOO!! It was so much fun; we sang Christmas music, they read the story, we drank hot chocolate and ate sugar cookies, the elves danced for us and Santa came and talked to each of our boys! They all did great and there were no tears shed this year! YAY! Each child was given a jingle bell... they LOVED that! It was so much fun - for all of us and for the kids!

That night, we ate a delicious meal and then opened gifts! It was definately a little more chaotic this year than in the past... there were little boys all over the place and little boy-toys EVERYWHERE!!! I guess that is to be expected and it will only get crazier :) We all got some really nice things, but most importantly, we got to spend some time together and make some great memories (Crockett and the marshmallows :). This is the 1st year, in all my 30 years, that I will not be at my mom's for Christmas day. So although it was a little bittersweet, I look forward to Santa coming to OUR house and Crockett seeing his gifts under our tree! I just can't wait to see his little face light up :)

On Sunday, we went and ate a wonderful meal at the Curry's. The boys played with their new toys... Baby Quin slept... he is really the perfect baby! It was a very busy, quick, and wonderful weekend! Hard to believe Christmas with LuLu is over until next year... we had such a great time! Thank you for EVERYTHING! Merry Christmas and we love you all!

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