Monday, March 25, 2013

Well.... ALMOST a Soccer Star!

Saturday was a big day at the Stone house. Our day started with the 1st soccer game of the season, and let me just say... It was QUITE entertaining! We picked Rachy up and headed out to the Berl Huffman complex, where everyone in Lubbock apparently decided to go that morning. Who knew we would encounter Lubbock's worst traffic jam. So, we were a teeny bit late for our first game. When we got there and found our team, they were all out in the middle of the field and Crockett ALMOST started to cry because he didn't want to walk out there by himself. Once he got out there and Coach Mike saw him, he was good. Thank goodness for Coach Mike. He is AWESOME. Crockett went in about half way through the 1st quarter and, OMG, it was hilarious. My child was literally chasing his own shadow and pretty much just running after the other guys. He made a buddy on the other team, the Hammerheads. When Crockett came over to us during a time out he told me, Momma say GO HAMMERHEADS!!! I told him that I was cheering for the GALAXY, but he didn't understand why I wouldn't cheer for 'those kids'. He did kick the ball one time... after it went out of bounds. He was kicking it toward the goal... on the other field :) Chris, Rach and I were dying laughing. He was really proud of himself and even gave us a 'thumbs up'! So, before our next game we need a little bit of practice. And maybe soccer isn't going to be our thing. But he left with a smile on his face and had a great time, so it was a total SUCCESS in my book!!!

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