Sunday, March 17, 2013

Perfect day for a PICNIC!

We were blessed this Spring Break with beyond beautiful weather. We didn't do much, but we decided to have a picnic and feed the ducks one day. We got Chick-Fil-A to eat, with a milkshake!, and went to the park. Crockett made sure we remembered to bring a blanket to sit on. He was soooo excited! We parked it under a tree and ate our lunch. Bowen is a bit mobile now and fell asleep in the car, so I left him in the infant carrier. Do you have any idea how heavy that thing was?!?!? After lunch, we got our duck bread and went to feed the ducks. They weren't too hungry, but Crockett didn't care. He had a great time throwing the bread in the water. Bowen just loved being outside and watching his big brother. We had a great time. I just love love love spending time with my sweet boys.

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