Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday LuLu!

March 5th is Lulu's birthday. We usually do dinner and cake, but since she had to work yesterday, we had to do things a little differently this year. On Monday, we went to lunch at Sugarbaker's, our favorite birthday celebration spot. It was yummy, as always, but just a little chaotic with 5 little boys and 3 adults. I think everyone there thought we were a little crazy... and we were by the time we left! The boys all LOVE their Lulu, though, and we couldn't celebrate her without them!! On her real birthday, we all met at the Pie Bar to hang out and eat some YUMMY pie! The boys were very excited to see Lulu and Papaw. John even showed up and got to hang out for a few minutes! Bowen really loved his first taste of pie... Not that it surprised any of us! He screamed when Mon stopped feeding him. He is such a mess. 
We are so lucky to have such a special Lulu. Happy Birthday! We love you sooooo much!!

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