Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PaRtY TiMe!!!!!

After our soccer game on Saturday, it was time to get ready for Crockett's BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! We have been anxiously awaiting the party for some time now. This was the first year I have let Crockett invite friends and we invited his whole class as well as a few other friends. We had it at "the fun place", otherwise known as Ready, Set, GO! When I started planning the party, I asked Crockett what kind of party he wanted to have. Without hesitation, he told me "A BULLDOZER PARTY", so for about the 3rd year in a row, we had a bulldozer theme :)  The kiddos has a blast! They got to jump on trampolines, swing into the pit, slide on the big inflatable slide, jump in the bungee harness, and so many other things! It was SO MUCH FUN! Crockett is lucky to have so many sweet friends that came to help us celebrate. Everyone had a great time playing, eating pizza and cake and watching Crockett open his gifts. Happy 4th Birthday, sweet boy!

Lucky for us, I have already learned that the weather on March 22nd is unpredictable (it snowed on his 1st birthday, which we planned to have outside) and on this birthday party day (actually the 23rd) as we drove to the party a HUGE dust storm blew in with a vengeance! By the time everyone left, the sky was red. That is Lubbock weather (especially in March!) for ya!!

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