Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Last night was a very EXCITING night at our house! Crockett had his 1st soccer practice! He has been waiting, very impatiently, to be able to go play. We had a parent meeting last weekend to meet the coach and his team, and he left in tears because he didn't get to play then. He is on Galaxy and there are 8 little boys. They all had a great time running around and kicking "Dino", the ball. The great thing about this soccer program is that it is a teaching program. They use "Dino" and stories about "Dino" at every practice, to teach them how to play. It is pretty structured, although, I think that will be the only thing that is. The boys were all over the place, some were faster than the others. But they all had a great time and a huge smile on their face. I hope that is how the whole season is... with a few goals here and there :) Can't wait until the 1st game!! GO GALAXY!

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