Friday, September 3, 2010

School Kid!

Last Tuesday, Crockett started Mother's Day Out at The Learning Center. We have been waiting for this day all summer long, although now that it is here, it is bittersweet! He will go every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2 and is in Miss Alisha's class. As I made his lunch the night before the first day, I did get a bit teary eyed. I just can't believe my baby is old enough to be going to school (even if it is just Mother's Day Out!). The next morning, he wouldn't eat anything I fixed him for breakfast, didn't want me to change his diaper, and I chased him all over the house trying to get him dressed.... Thank goodness for Mother's Day Out! Nine o'clock couldn't come soon enough, and there were no tears shed by either one of us!

When we got to the Church, I walked him into his classroom and he immediately started playing with the toys. He didn't care if I was in there or not. So, I left and don't even think he noticed! I was so proud of him for not crying or whining. There were several cute little girls in his class and one other little boy. He loves being around other children and playing, so I know he is going to love school and learn so many new things!

As soon as 2:00 rolled around, I was there to pick him up! I couldn't wait to see him! He had done so great! Miss Alisha said he ate pretty good and even laid down for a nap. I was so relieved that he had a good time and was with Miss Alisha and Miss Loretta. They are already wonderful and we have only been twice! I know this is going to be so good for him.

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